Maxwell Esposito

Los Angeles, California

Sign: Aries

Religion: Britney Spears

Often deemed “iconic,” Maxwell Esposito is a media and marketing wizard inspired by pop culture and ready to apply his expertise at your project. Originally from Chicago, Maxwell is fresh to Los Angeles and eager to learn the different aspects of running and building a #BRAND.

Growing up, Maxwell found inspiration in pop culture and continues to stay up-to-date on the latest news, gossip and apps. From memes to emojis to selfies, Maxwell understands and excels at being a millenial.

After spending years studying magazines, Maxwell took his passion for imagery to life at Columbia College Chicago, where he studied commercial and fashion photography and marketing.

Maxwell is currently looking to take his passion and apply it to an established brand and help amplify their brand in creative, trendy ways. Reach out to him at any of the contacts listed. :D